Permanent Recruitment

Today, clients require much more than just a recruitment agency. They need a partner organisation that can help them source an international and flexible workforce in a collaborative and strategic way, and also assist in managing and co-ordinating their people across the globe.

SRD draws upon decades of experience and lessons learned from delivering major capital projects as prime or sole manpower vendor, to support clients through our Permanent services.

Collaborating closely with our clients, we can manage the entire workforce needs of a project, from advising on workforce requirements, to mobilisation support and ongoing workforce management to mitigate the risks of project delays and overspend. This means we can deliver real cost-savings and efficiencies for clients.

From helping clients to source senior executives and find talent around the world, to becoming a trusted outsourced or insourced partner, our Permanent services provide the trusted expertise and support clients need to manage their workforce cost effectively and efficiently.

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